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Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Amendment 20 and the Colorado constitution

In the year 2000, Colorado citizens voted to make marijuana 'medical' and Amendment 20 was 'born' making marijuana a constitutional right for Colorado residents over the age of 18; as long as they have a doctor's recommendation and submit an application to the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment.


A very brief history of medical marijuana in colorado


Colorado MMJ

  • MMJ Prohibition has "Cleary Failed"
    "Enforcement of criminal marijuana prohibition has failed to reduce marijuana use and access in the United States, according to a report released by the International Center for Science in Drug Policy. "

    U.S. Government Data Report 2011

  • " Colorado regulated cannabis for medical purposes and currently has over 150,000+ registered patients. El Paso County has over 15,000+. 68% are male and 32% are female cannabis patients. "

    Colorado Dept. of Health & Environment

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